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Technical Support Training Metrics
Publication date: 9/03

Executive summary

Software support groups vary widely in the number of hours of training they provide to their agents, the timing of that training, the content, and the delivery methods. Nevertheless, there seems to be a definite consensus about "best practices" in some key aspects of in-house training. Based on data from 136 software support organizations, this report provides benchmarks and guidance on the following topics:
  • How three prevailing training models—QuickStarters, Mainstreamers, and Academics—are reflected in the way orientation training is delivered.
  • The number of hours of follow-on training that companies give to first-year and experienced support reps.
  • How training hours are allocated to such areas as product knowledge, call handling skills, and team building.
  • The percentage of training hours that are delivered through classroom instruction (by in-house trainers and third-party instructors), self-directed e-learning methods, and conferences and seminars.
  • How companies decide whether or not to administer post-training competence tests.
  • Techniques for training new reps, improving the training experience, creating incentive plans, designing courses, and more.

Copies of the survey are free to ASP members in the members-only area.

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