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Product Support Blogs
Publication date: 1/06

Executive summary

A tidal wave of blogs—including hundreds that comment on technology topics—has swept across the Internet landscape. So far, most technology blogs have focused on product development and marketing issues: upcoming releases, how-to tips, security, company news, and the like. Classic support questions—"How do I reformat the standard monthly report?"—get relatively coverage and tend to end up on bulletin boards and forums.

But there are signs that support-related blogs are catching on as more companies address the market opportunities in post-sale services. Clearly, blogs are an ideal medium for generating a real conversation between users and a friendly company voice, and the quality of that conversation should ultimately play an important role in building customer loyalty and retention. To explore how blogs can work in a support environment, the ASP interviewed several bloggers about best practices, their preferred editorial "voice," customer feedback, promotion, and other key topics.

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