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Customer Satisfaction


Image  Successful Support Communities
The ASP's newest research report explores key factors that contribute to the success of customer support communities, both online and real-world.

Image  The Great Customer Experience
How to deliver a Wow! experience.

Image  Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking (2007)
Current response rates for customer satisfaction surveys, as well as best practices for follow-up actions, incentive pay, and peer-to-peer benchmarking.

Image  Customer Satisfaction Survey Metrics (2001)
Response rates and other benchmarks for customer satisfaction surveys, along with practical advice and metrics for such issues as survey design, timing, use of premiums, and other key methodology factors.

Image  Indicates complimentary Open House hours

      Becky Carroll, president, Petra Consulting Group

Image  Paul M. Dooley, president, Optimal Connections

Image  Rick Kilton, principal, RWK Enterprises

Image  Fred Van Bennekom, principal, Great Brook Consulting


Saying No: How to Deliver Bad News to a Customer (Kristin Robertson)
Be prompt and be positive.

The ASP Model Customer Satisfaction Template
A standard survey questionnaire, suitable for multi-company benchmarking or stand-alone transaction satisfaction surveying.

Understanding Customer Retention (Joe Cardosi)
How to translate customer satisfaction into dollars and cents metrics.

Why Availability of Service Matters (ServiceXRG)
"Availability of services is at the heart of service excellence."

Why Aren't Users Reading the Manual? (Tanja Rosteck)
Don't assume users are lazy or dumb, says a documentation expert.

Touchpoints (Jeffrey Tarter)
Customer perceptions of a company's service performance are influenced by dozens of insignificant-seeming points of contact.

An Engineer's Guide to Field Support Soft Skills: Ten Tips on Effective User Interaction (Thomas S. Wolfe)
Advice on enhancing the relationship between support professional and end user.

Little Things Make or Break Service Success (Bob Johnson)
Attention to small details can greatly improve the relationship with your customers.

Commentary: Is There a Payoff for Service Quality? (Jeffrey Tarter)
Wishful thinking to the contrary, software companies that invest heavily in high-quality support and service have found that customers often don't seem to notice.


Speed vs. Satisfaction
"Has anyone seen evidence that satisfaction rates go up when the average speed of answer improves? We're trying to make a business case for a few more agents on the phone, but it's surprisingly hard to find concrete data on the potential ROI."

Survey fatigue?
"We have feedback forms on many of our Web pages—the knowledgebase, shopping cart, etc.—and each one asks about satisfaction with the specific page's contents. Will this approach create survey fatigue?"

Do survey scales affect the accuracy of customer satisfaction scores?
"Our current customer satisfaction questionnaire asks people to rate us on a five-point scale-5 is the best, and 1 is the worst. A friend tells me we'd get more accurate results if we used either a ten-point scale or school-style grading-A, B, C, etc. Would this really make a difference?"

Bug fix promises?
A member asks: "My support team would like to give customers a firm date when a new bug will be fixed. However, our developers say they can't make promises and may decide that some bugs just aren't worth fixing. How can we persuade them to be more responsive?"

Enterprise support
"Traditionally, we've done a good job by simply answering customer questions over the phone. But now we're serving many more enterprise customers, and they say we should provide better 'pro-active' services (their word). Any advice about what services we should add-and how we should figure the ROI?"

[Recommendations welcome]

American Customer Satisfaction Index, Ann Arbor, MI 48104; 734/763-9767.
Web: Multi-industry research on customer satisfaction levels; other services and publications.

Customer Relationship Metrics, Sterling, VA; 877/550-0223.
Web: Automated survey services for call centers.

Development II, inc., Woodbury, CT; 203/263-0580, x104
Web: Strategic account development; Advanced data and text analytics for customer support.

Great Brook Consulting, Bolton, MA 01740; 978/779-6312.
Web: Articles, templates, workshops, lists of tools and services.

HDI Customer Satisfaction Index.
Web: New benchmarking program from the Help Desk Institute.

NBRI, Addison, TX 75001; 800/756-6168.
Web: Survey company with a large library of standardized questions, useful for benchmarking.

Net Promoter, Agoura Hills, CA 91301; 818/865-9355.
Web: Official Web site for Fred Reichheld's popular customer-loyalty metric, "the one number you need to grow."

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How to Talk to Customers
Diane Berenbaum
and Tom Larkin
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Customer Surveying
Dr. Frederick Van Bennekom
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The Ultimate Question
Fred Reichheld
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Guide to Customer Surveys
Trevor Punt
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