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Individual Membership

An individual membership in the ASP is $95/year, and includes all research reports, members-only Web site access, the ASP Gazette, discounts, and other ASP services.

Corporate Membership

The ASP offers a corporate membership plan that lets a company enroll an unlimited number of its support employees, at any location worldwide, for a flat rate of $725/year.

Group Memberships

We also offer discounted plans for smaller support organizations:
   2 people: $140/year
   3 people: $185/year
   4-7 people: $285/year

If you'd like to learn more about any of these membership plans, contact
Christi Johnson.  >  Member Login

Members-Only Services:
Research Reports, ASP Discounts, Member Networking Directory

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Password Suppression Option
As a convenience to members, we include a personalized reminder of individual user names and passwords in every monthly issue of the ASP Gazette. We recognize that e-mail is not a secure medium, but our Gazette password reminders do not expose any personal member information—our password system is designed solely to protect members-only ASP content, such as research reports and discount offers.

However, if you want us to suppress your username and password in the Gazette, we're happy to oblige. Send an e-mail to Password Suppression and we'll update our database to reflect this preference.