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The Awards
2015 Awards

2014 Winners

  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • Google Adwords
  • IBM
  • McAfee
  • Microsoft Surface
  • PTC
  • Red Hat

  • SirsiDynix
  • Tourplan

  • The Judges

    Judges FAQ   >   FAQ for Judges

    FAQ for Judges

    Each year, the ASP assembles a panel of volunteer judges to pick the "ten best" Web support sites. Most of our judges have taken part in previous years' competitions, but we're always looking for fresh recruits. If you think you'd like to take part in this awesome adventure, browse the following FAQ and then contact ASP executive director Al Hahn (

    What qualifications do I need to be a judge?
    Most importantly, we look for people who feel strongly about good Web support and have some experience with implementing online support solutions. We also try to recruit judges with a variety of specific domain experience—for instance, in usability, knowledgebase design, traditional telephone support, services marketing, or performance metrics. We don't need a resume: Just drop us a note introducing yourself, and we'll get back to you if there are mysteries we think need to be cleared up.

    How much time will the judging take?
    We usually give judges three sites to evaluate. You'll have at least a month to review and score these sites; judges typically spend one to three hours per site.

    What's the schedule for the 2015 competition?
    The deadline for entries is Friday, March 6. It takes us about a week to log in all the entries and allocate them to individual judges, plus a few more days for uploading the entries on—so you should expect to see entry materials some time between March 12 and 13. (We also get a lot of late entries, which may cause delays to some judges.)

    We'd like to get your scores and comments by Wednesday, April 17. We'll tabulate the results and announce the winners the following week.

    If you're planning a vacation, liposuction, or temporary insanity during this period, you should probably not sign up as a judge.

    Can I be a judge if my company has entered the competition?
    No problem. Obviously, we won't ask you to judge your own entry or entries from competitors, clients, or former employers.

    What are the entry materials like?
    We now use an all-electronic format for entries. Instead of hard copies of entry essays, we'll send you a link to a private FTP site that we're using to host all the competition entries (in pdf format). You'll download the entries we ask you to judge, which will include passwords and support site URLs. We've also imposed a strict 12-page limit on entry essays—a rule that many judges have requested.

    How does the scoring work?
    The ASP has developed a scoring system that helps you evaluate 25 different criteria. We've also developed an online scoresheet that you can use to submit your scores and submit comments.

    Every entry gets scored independently by five judges, and we calculate a composite score to determine overall rankings.

    What do judges get in return?
    You'll get a complimentary copy of "The Year's Ten Best Web Support Sites," the book-length report we publish on each year's winners (regular price $95). You'll also get a nice resume credential, an impressive-looking certificate, and a modest amount of publicity on the ASP awards site. And most judges tell us that analyzing and scoring real Web sites is a nifty experience. (In other words, no cash.)