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The ASP also offers a Corporate Membership plan
that lets companies enroll an unlimited number of their support employees for a flat $925/year, and smaller
Group Membership plans for smaller support organizations:
   2 people: $200/year
   3 people: $240/year
   4-7 people: $350/year

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Privacy policy
The ASP does not sell, trade, or share e-mail addresses or any other personal information with anyone.  >  Memberships

When you have a tough question,
it's good to have
friends who can help.

Chances are, you run across tough business questions almost every day. Policy decisions you've never encountered before, data you need for forecasts, essential benchmarking numbers, new technology opportunities, organizational turnarounds, unexpected customer demands... The whole services and support world is going through a time of rapid change, and no one knows all the answers any more..

Where do you turn for help?

If you're an ASP member, the answer is easy. We're a small, friendly organization with very deep resources for support professionals. A few clicks will give you access to a whole library of research reports, which will tell you how hundreds of peer-level companies have solved the problems you've encountered. We have archives of articles and forum comments, links to independent experts, and contact lists to help you find other professionals for a quick cup of coffee or an extended e-mail dialog.

In short, the ASP is a community of professionals. And you're invited to join.

We're sincere about acting like a community. You'll find there's no corporate bureaucracy to navigate, no "account manager" who'll try to turn your simple question into a massive consulting project. Your $95 membership fee gets you pretty much the whole deal—research, member services, discounts, a monthly newsletter, and an instant network of more than 1,200 members in hundreds of support and services organizations.

And if there's something you want that we haven't gotten around to providing, just let us know. We listen—and usually act quickly. For more than ten years, the ASP's services have continued to evolve in response to suggestions from our members. Tell us what you need to do your job better, and we'll try to help. That's our mission.

          Al Hahn
          executive director


Membership Benefits

  • ASP Research Reports: As soon as you join, you'll get password access to a libray of reports on support compensation, cost ratios, fee-based services, Web support economics, and more. Plus, you'll get new research reports every two-three months—useful, relevant, accurate data to help you fine-tune your support operations.

  • The ASP Web Site: You'll have password access to additional member-only research, conference and publication discounts, and a comprehensive Membership Directory. You can also place free classified ads on our job board and get free advice from independent consultants.

  • ASP Awards: Annually, ASP members judge "The Year's Ten Best Web Support Sites"—a prestigious awards that showcases best practices in online support.

  • The ASP Gazette: Our monthly e-mail newsletter will keep you up to date on the Association's current activities, research projects, and discounts.