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Image Please join us for our next webinar: Metrics that Matter,
11am to 12pm Pacific time, Wed. November 18, 2015 Click here to sign up Mary Schmidt, ASP's Director of Strategic Programs, will be interviewing Phil Verghis of Klever  -- discussing how support managers and executives can focus on the right data in the ever-increasing flood of information from and about customers. How can support pros lift our heads above the daily details of hold times, abandon rates, first contact resolution rates and cost per minute to focus on customer outcomes? Expect at least one AHA! idea and lively back and forth as Mary and Phil talk the good, bad, and sometimes ugly about support metrics.

Klever is an award-winning, global enterprise software and services company, providing tools and services for customer support optimization. Unlike firms that advocate a purely technology-based solution, Klever improves the people and process side of service effectiveness. Klever's marquee clients and partners include HP Enterprise, Oracle, Allianz and Salesforce.

Image SaaS Onboarding Webinar
 Please join us for our next webinar October 20th, 2015 from 11am to 12pm PST.
ASP Executive Director Al Hahn will be interviewing Françoise Tourniaire, founder and owner of FT Works < , a consultancy firm that helps technology companies create and improve their support operations. A renowned speaker and author, Françoise presented on SaaS Onboarding at our 2015 Symposium and simply blew us away with her sparkling combination of humor, wisdom, and useful information. As she notes, while onboarding is viewed as a deliverable of SaaS vendors, on-premise vendors are well advised to consider onboarding their customers. Onboarding may occur before customers become paying customers, for vendors that use a freemium model, or vendors that routinely provide a proof-of-concept (POC) to prospects. We'll be delving into all this and more -- you'll come away with at least one Aha! idea you can put to use.
Robert C. Johnson, Founder and CEO of TeamSupport  , will also share his perspective of SaaS onboarding, based on TeamSupport's experience with a wide range of B2B clients. Robert's favorite quote is "Well done is better than well said" (Benjamin Franklin) so you know he'll talk good sense (and do it well). Click here to Register

Image Onboarding Report Online Now
 Onboarding is getting quite a bit of buzz right now. What is it, and how might it affect you is a question that many people have. To get the latest information, read our report. It includes the closest that you will get to a definition as well as a rational analysis and discussion from our research and interviews with companies that are practicing onboarding right now.
Onboardng is especially relevant to both SaaS and Cloud companies. If you are one of these, read it. If you are not one of these companies, read it anyway as these trends are very likely to affect you anyway. This report is part of our efforts to keep you informed of trends that are important to know about, and that will likely impact your job. Go here to log in to our members only area and get access to the full report.

Image Webinar with Arnfinn Austefjord from Oracle
 This year we had a new experience. Oracle entered two different sites in our competition; one for their traditional customers, and another for their SaaS customers. Both sites won one of our coveted Top Ten awards. This obviously was no fluke, somebody really knew what it takes to satisfy self-help users. Tune in September 23 for a free one hour webinar at 11am Pacific time. I will be interviewing Arnfinn Austefjord, Services Director at Oracle to dig into the whys, whats and shows of their great achievement. Please note that this will be an interview, not the typical PowerPoint and talking head webinar. While we will probably use a few slides, the majority of the time, you will see Arnfinn and I live as we have a detailed discussion. We will also take as many questions as we can during the hour that is planned. Go here to register. This Webinar is sponsored by Service Strategies.

Image The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2015
 This detailed report provides lots of information about how companies are stepping up self-help via the web. The 130 page report is available only as a PDF this year with generous reproduction rights. For more information and to order, please click here

Image ASP announces a new webinar series, starting in August. ASP will present monthly webinars for the rest of this year. The first of these will feature David Bastedo, Sr. Knowledge Base Engineer from Jive Software . Jive is one of this year’s Top Ten Best Support Website award winners. ASP Executive Director, Al Hahn will interview David for an hour, August 26 starting at 11am Pacific time (2pm EST). He will ask in depth questions taken from Jive’s essay that will be published in this year’s Report on the winners of the competition. Jive laid it all on the line, using their own community tools as the focal point of their web support. If you are interested in Jive’s tools, how communities should work, or just generally interested in their award winning self-help web support, be sure to tune in. This webinar is sponsored by our friends at Irrevo  , who offer services for support organizations. Go here for more information and to register (free) for the webinar:

Image Need help Selling and Negotiating Service Contracts?
ASP has two workshops this December in California to help you sell contracts better and also to negotiate them when you must

Value-Based Selling (VBS) is a one-day workshop scheduled for December 8 in Santa Clara, California. This training was developed specifically for selling service and support contracts, so it is very specific. It is not a warmed over product sales class. Everything is focused on service and support. It uses a consultative methodology that carefully explains the value of the contract to the customer. Do you or your people have a difficult time explaining the value of your contracts? This workshop will directly address that problem. All the other sales processes are addressed as well, but all aimed at selling service and support. More information is available here.

Value-Based Negotiating is for those times when you have been told to work with purchasing , and it is clear that all they want is to lower your price. This class can r3educe you costs of discounting by 50%, with it’s value-based methodology. It uses different processes and tools than VBS (above) and a different approach to value for negotiating. Like VBS, it is totally focused on negotiating service and support contracts. Do you have trouble controlling discounts? This class is the antidote to that problem. More information is here.

Both workshops are highly interactive. As usual, ASP members enjoy substantial discounts. if you attend both workshops, there is an additional discount for both members and non-members.

Image Fall Workshops That Help You Make Money
We are repeating our popular workshops in the Boston area this fall that will help your company make money on services & support.

September 15, 2015 our executive director, Al Hahn, will present “A Roadmap for Support and Services Pricing”. This highly interactive workshop will teach the several different ways that experienced marketers use to price service & support. Al will also address common problem areas, such as negotiating. Click here < for more information.

September 16, 2015 our founder, Jeff Tarter, will present “Maximizing Maintenance Margins” and pick up right where the first workshop leaves off with discussions of achievable margins, high value solutions, ways to safely cut costs and the design of offerings. Both of these workshops are limited to 18 participants to allow for spirited discussions and questions, so get your seats early and avoid our waiting list. Click here  for more information

Image ASP Announces The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2015 Competition Winners
ASP is pleased to announce the winners of our annual competition for The Ten Best Web Support Sites of 2015. They are ( in alphabetical order) Open Division: Cisco, Dell, Intel Security, Mozy, Oracle Cloud, Oracle MOS and Red Hat; Small Company Division: Aconex, Jive Software and LANDESK.

Image The Internet of Things (IoT) and Tech Support Report Online Now
Have you wondered if the IoT is going to effect your support? Well we did, so we researched it and wrote a report. Ace researcher Mary Schmidt surveyed our members and also did interviews with some knowledgeable people to determine what you should be preparing for with IoT and your support activities. The results might surprise you.The IoT is no joke and it has a real upside potential for support organization that take the initiative to restructure how they deal with customers. It’s no small thing, however, so you really cannot take advantage without serious efforts. Go here to log in to our member's only section to get access to the full report.

Templates & Checklists
Our latest membership feature is a collection of support-related document templates and process checklists. We've posted a few examples as a demonstration, but our goal is to create a clearinghouse for members to share their own best-practices work. If you have any documents like these that you'd like to share with other ASP members (with appropriate credit), please contact ASP executive director Al Hahn for more info.

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