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VoIP for support?

"Does anyone use VoIP for sales/support? And if so, how is the quality? Who is your service provider? Do you use it internationally? What problems have you encountered? Is it tied into your CRM?"

—Rich from Richmond                           

Dear Rich,

We have used Powwownow for international conference calls and international support calls and online meetings. Here’s a link: Each participant get a number to call in their own country, then everyone enters a pin. At that level it’s free. There is another enterprise level, but we’ve never needed to use it.

—Pam Erler
    Director, Technical Services
    New Boundary Technologies

We are trying to use VoIP for WebEx conferencing. We would like to be able to offer intro / demos / mini-training sessions to our clients on WebEx, and record them for review by guests who could not attend.

The technology, by the way, is getting in the way. We started by trying analog headsets—quality is lousy. Switched to USB-ported digital (LogiTech) headsets—but no audio could be heard or recorded. After much surfing in the WebEx support system and speaking to two support representatives, we found out WebEx only supports digital audio input from the serial port on the sound card. So, now we are wandering around for a USB-->serial adapter of some kind.

I am only using WebEx because we currently use them for 1-on-1 client support. Audio for these contacts is just over landline. If anyone has a better suggestion for a VoIP / teleconferencing solution, I would be glad to hear it.

—Laurin A. Marden
    UniFund, LLC
    603/595-5500 x5134

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