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Job Security?

"I'm a manager in a mid-sized support organization, and I'm sure there will be layoffs this year. How do I make sure I survive?"

—Desperado from Dallas                           

It's hard to generalize, but the people who seem most valuable during a cutback tend to fall into two categories—those who are really aggressive at cutting costs, and those who are entrepreneurs. The people who get cut first are those who defend their budgets and talk in vague terms about the value of everything they do, without offering much tangible evidence.

In support organizations, the entrepreneurial types are often pretty scarce, so smart companies are likely to be especially protective of anyone who is involved in growing the business, finding new innovative services, working with key accounts, and being "the voice of the customer." If you're leading the charge toward more support and services revenue, your company would have to be pretty dumb to cut you loose.

—Fairly Confident in Conway

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