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Customer Satisfaction Survey Metrics
Publication date: 10/01

Executive summary

Customer satisfaction scores are one of the truest measures of a support organization's performance, yet there has been remarkably little data about how to improve response rates and generate more meaningful feedback. Drawing on survey data from 193 support organizations, this report provides response rate benchmarks for satisfaction surveys sent by e-mail, phone, and postal mail. In addition, the survey identifies satisfaction factors that tend to change most rapidly, and thus should be tracked more closely than less-volatile indicators.

The report also provides practical advice and metrics for such issues as survey design, timing, use of premiums, and other key methodology factors.

Benchmarks are provided by organization size (1-9 employees, 10-29 employees, 30+ employees) and by product price (under $1,000; $1,000-$9,995; $10,000+).

Copies of the survey are free to ASP members in the members-only area.

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