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ASP Announces a New Executive Director

Dear colleague—

I'm delighted to announce that the Association of Support Professionals has a new executive director. Effective immediately, Al Hahn of Hahn Consulting will take over as the ASP's chief executive officer, backed up by Dale Nylen as membership director.

Al is a very old friend who brings exactly the right credentials to deliver on the ASP's mission. He has been an active member since 1995, the year the ASP was founded, and he's also served as president of the Association for Services Management International (AFSMI), which for many years operated joint chapter meetings with the ASP. Al has built a highly-regarded consulting practice, he's a prolific author, and he gets rave notices as a speaker and workshop moderator. Most importantly, he knows the support and services world intimately—and he's enthusiastic about the same quirky little issues that we all know matter so much to the ASP community.

In particular, Al is a leading expert in services pricing and marketing, two areas that have emerged as key drivers for growth-oriented managers in technology companies. We've already announced an expanded research focus on pricing, so Al's experience will pay big dividends almost immediately.

We're also moving our membership and order fulfillment from Massachusetts to Al's home state of Oregon, which we're trying to make as seamless as possible. But if something falls into that 3,000-mile crack, please be forgiving. Whoever invented the term "flipping a switch" never dealt with database migration, merchant accounts, ISPs, and all the other infrastructure stuff that keeps our back office functioning.

On a personal note: I'll still be on the scene, though (hopefully) with less day-to-day involvement in administrative details. There are research projects that I expect to help develop, a major update of our Web awards scoring system, and some workshops that are way too much fun to give up. The rest... well, my plan is to have no plan, at least for a while.

Stay in touch!


Jeffrey Tarter, founder
The Association of Support Professionals

September 5, 2012