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2012 Technical Support Salary Survey
Publication date: 2/12

Executive summary

For the past seventeen years, the Association of Support Professionals has conducted an annual survey of tech support salaries among technology companies that is widely noted for its accuracy and consistency. The 2012 survey, which reflects data from 107 support organizations with more than 7,000 support employees, reveals that pay levels in most job categories have remained relatively flat over the past two years.

"The most interesting trend, however, is that salaries are converging across traditional demographic categories," says ASP executive Jeffrey Tarter. "Pay levels for support employees now tend to mirror the policies of the largest enterprise software companies, which we estimate now employ more two-thirds of all support managers and front-line agents.

"There aren't many safe niches left where it's possible to hire talented people at bargain prices," Tarter notes.

The report shows pay levels for seven major job categories, including senior support executives, department managers, analyst/project managers, senior support technicians, field support technicians, support technicians, and customer service reps.

The report provides comparative compensation data based on the following variables:
  • Skill level
  • Company revenues
  • Support organization size
  • Product price

Copies of the survey are free to ASP members in the members-only area.

Copies of the 2011 Salary Survey are now also free for non-members.

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