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2016 Salary Survey

At the beginning of each year ASP conducts a salary survey for support employees. This year we have expanded the hardware service portion to address our changing membership demographics. The survey includes additional incentive plans like performance bonuses. We are also partnering with Service Strategies, the National Association of Service Managers (NASM), and the Society of Service Executives (SSE) to get more survey filled out. Is your compensation plan competitive? A Report will be published when the results of the survey are tallied. Go here for more information or to fill out a survey:

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Next Free Webinar February 17th at 11am Pacific, topic will be on 2016 Planning

ASP holds free webinars every month at 11am Pacific time. Instead of PowerPoint heavy slide shows, we have an interview with knowledgeable people regarding a variety of topics of interest to service and support organizations. This month we have three of our 2015 Top Ten Best Support Websites award winning participants discussing planning priorities for 2016. The participants are Mark Goetz, Manager of Service of Mozy; Michael Plese, Support Services Manager of Dell Software, and Maria DiMaio, Sr Manager Global Platform Support Delivery, of Red Hat. Go here to register:

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ASP, NASM, and SSE Announce Joint Symposium for 2016

ASP is again joining with the National Association of Service Management (NASM) and the Society of Service Executives (SSE) for a Joint Symposium in the Chicago area May 18 & 19. This year it will actually start the evening before, so get there in time for our networking event at a local brewpub. This year we will be debating Self-service/support: Friend or Foe? Speakers will include Francoise Tourniaire, Dr. James Alexander, and many interactive sessions.
Go here for more information and to register:
There are early bird and member discounts.

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Call for Entries

We are accepting entries for our annual Top Ten Web Support sites competition. For a small entry fee, each competitor gets their site evaluated by 5 independent judges in 25 different areas. Each entry receives a custom report of their average scores versus their peer sized companies, as well as the 125-130 page Report on the competition. Entries are being accepted until March 18th, so get them in soon. The game is on! Click on Awards above for all the information.

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Onboarding Report Online Now

Onboarding is getting quite a bit of buzz right now. What is it, and how might it affect you is a question that many people have. To get the latest information, read our report. It includes the closest that you will get to a definition as well as a rational analysis and discussion from our research and interviews with companies that are practicing onboarding right now.

Onboardng is especially relevant to both SaaS and Cloud companies. If you are one of these, read it. If you are not one of these companies, read it anyway as these trends are very likely to affect you anyway. This report is part of our efforts to keep you informed of trends that are important to know about, and that will likely impact your job. Go here to log in to our members only area and get access to the full report.

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